No, this acolyte planet just isn’t the place you suppose.

Star There’s one factor Wars followers love greater than a thriller: speculating on how that thriller would possibly tie into different components of the galaxy far, distant. However whereas the franchise does share that love for every part to be related, it does not at all times truly plan to take action.

Since we noticed the cluster of its islands on Acolyteunknown planet that Sith Stranger Calls Residence was followers steered as probably one other key location: the planet Ah-To from The Final Jedi. It actually appears very related, given the huge oceans and plush, mountainous island outcrops, though location taking pictures for the planet came about on the Portuguese island of Madeira relatively than the Irish island of Skellig Michael the place Ahch-To was filmed in star Wars continuation of the trilogy. In final episode we discovered that it even has its personal indigenous wildlife within the type of the Skura, little creatures that seem like a cross between a duck and an anteater. Plus, there could be one thing extremely Sith-esque concerning the thought of ​​darkish aspect customers lurking within the shadows the place the Jedi least count on it: the house planet the primary Jedi Temple.

However alas, star Wars In line with showrunner Leslye Headland, followers are hungry for connection, the planet may be very No Ah-To. “It is not Ah-To. I do know it is related, and it was deliberately designed to be related by way of the topography and the sense of being remoted and surrounded by water and fewer lush greenery and extra rocky,” Headland just lately confirmed in interview with Collider“However the thought is that cortosis is mined on this planet, so I do not suppose that is Ahch-To. A part of it’s its dwelling base, as a result of cortosis is a really uncommon metallic. I do not suppose we are saying that instantly within the present, however that is the rationale it is not Ahch-To.”

Headland additional famous that the express designation of the world as an “Unknown Planet” solely in AcolyteThe situation maps have been a deliberate trace that the present’s main focus is on the Jedi Order and the Republic. “It is an uncharted planet that they have not [mapped]”,” added Headland, concerning a component of the Excessive Republic setting that is not typically seen in Acolytehowever serves as an vital a part of the world-building within the transmedia e-book and comics initiative that laid the muse for the period: the time period when the Republic and its allies nonetheless increasing territory and mapping the galaxy. Simply because they do not know it does not imply folks just like the Stranger did not comprehend it earlier than – and studying it gave him entry to a instrument like cortosis that he might use towards his enemies.

Will the world stay unknown on the finish? Acolytethe primary season is but to be seen – presence of cortical deposits has as many followers as those that speculate that it may very well be Ahch-To, suggesting that the world might as a substitute be canonical model of Baldemnica cortosis-rich ocean world that served as a base of operations for Darth Plagueis and his grasp, Tenebrous, in EU novel PlagueisNow typically the planet simply appears like one other planet.

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